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29 May 2011 @ 07:37 pm
Why Do You Ship Sokkla?  
 I really wanted to do a Sokkla manifesto because we don't have one. Unfortunately, we do not meet one of the requirements (which is canon/subtext hints) because Azula and Sokka don't really interact. In fact, there was only ONE time they really interacted and that was in the Day of Black Sun part II. 

Edit: Oh wait, there's also Sokka drawing Suki firebending and Sokka was the only name that Azula says out of the Gaang. (Zuko doesn't count). But that's not enough is it? 

So instead, I'm gonna make this into a discussion/question entry. Why do YOU ship Sokkla? 

I love Sokkla because they're not exactly opposites like most people believe. They're similiar but in a way that they compliment each other. Sokka and Azula are both cunning: Azula is the brains of the antagonists and Sokka's the brains of the Gaang. They're both liars. Yes, even Sokka's a liar. But unlike Azula, Sokka only lies to a certain extent. He lies to achieve his means. For example, he lied to Wan Shi Tong--a Spirit--in order to get what he and the gaang needed.

Additionally, they're both daddy's little kid (although Hakoda actually loves his son in return) but they've also got mommy troubles (moreso Azula than Sokka). Sokka loved his mother, but he doesn't remember her (I still don't get that considering he's older than Katara but whatever). Azula, I believe, loves her family in her own way (although love towards her uncle is questionable--see more of Self-Possessed/Fatty's analysis of Azula if you're curious as to how I came up with that conclusion). Azula honestly feels that Ursa didn't love her as much as Zuko, according to Mike in the Sozin's Comet book interview. (Okay that's not much of a similarity but still).

What's funny (or scary, depending on how you look at it) is that they're perfectionists...(at least Sokka is when it comes to dressing). Azula, until the finale, always looks well. Sokka likes to look well (he was worried that his belt wouldn't match his bag!). Azula's probably the type to want her significant other to be well dressed and she doesn't have to worry about that with Sokka.

Also I don't think Sokka would have to adjust all that much if he were to date Azula because he's dated a princess before, and he's with a warrior--Azula happens to be both. They're both leaders, they both take initiative and handle themselves very well on the battle field. Despite that Sokka's a "Water Tribe peasant" who can't bend, it's hard not have admiration for him--even if we were look at him through Azula's eyes.

Azula needs someone who can stand up to her, who can be on equal footing with her and that's Sokka--through wits, and from the looks

of the Boiling Rock he may even be able to challenge her on the battle field (although he was teaming up with Zuko so I don't know). There's also the saying that men who have sisters make great boyfriends/husbands because they're more understanding, and Azula does need someone who's going to be understanding and patient with her. Azula would be good for Sokka because she would be a challenge; she would keep him on his toes.

Lastly, they would make great friends if given a chance--aside from being both smart and cunning--they're both bad jokers. Together

they would take over the world without too much of a problem. I also think it's funny that Sokka has many girls crushing on him, and while Azula is beautiful--she's intimidating to the point where she frightens them. Sokka showed us in The Day of Black Sun part II, that Azula does intimidate him but not to the point that he couldn't stand up to her. Sokka's also adjusted in social situations while Azula's not. XD

I'm sort of happy now that I can't do a Sokkla ship manifesto because after writing this--I've realized how Sokka would be good for Azula, but have very weak points as to why Azula would be good for Sokka.

So why do you guys ship Sokka/Azula? And why do you think Azula would be good for Sokka and vise versa?

I hope this comm isn't dead because I'd really love some input. I hate it when people assume we ship Sokkla because it's a form of Zutara or something similar (not bashing or anything). While we do have that Fire/Ice thing going on, it's very different from Zutara. We have our own (valid) reasons, and we are our own ship--not an extension (hopefully).
Princesa Azulaneurona_muerta on June 3rd, 2011 05:58 am (UTC)
Not only does Sokka check out Azula

LOL that part was AWESOME XD He totally checks her out XD The name calling is true, and I owe you its discovery, because I didn't realize it before you told us about that! :D Azula's voice is so cool, it was nice to hear her call Aang's name, even if it was only a commercial!

Although I don't think Azula believes she's unworthy of love. I think she's more in the mindset of WHY she's not loved.

Yeah, I put my thoughts about it in the wrong way. That is true, specially regarding to her mother, although with her might be like, even superior, since it really bothers her that her mother does not love her. It bothers me too, to be honest xD It's different with Ozai, because you see him coming, but Ursa? She is quite the hypocrite >:(

I think she would because she has been so deprived of affection (who knows if she ever has been hugged? Apart from Mai and Ty Lee, that is. We also know that her first kiss was "unpleasant" for her LOL) from her parents and from herself (I think Azula is a very stoic person when it comes to her own feelings... is part from being born a princess in that family I guess) that she might be rather moved by someone giving this affection to her, and the most important fact, giving it to her without waiting something in return. I think she would fall first because she is in great need of affection, much more than he is. But being Sokka, she would rather be dead than to confess to him she likes something he did LOL.

Well, Sokka is a bit complicated when it comes to that, true dat. I also think he is a bit of a womanizer, at his short age. You know, I can't see him settling with somebody he met when he was a teenager for the rest of his life and stop chasing girls. Yeah, I know he is fond of Suki and loves her and all that yadda yadda, but he is easy to conquer. He is too young also. My point is that, of all the guys in the series, he is the less likely to give up on his old ways... Zuko is also lucky with girls, but in a different way than Sokka is. You get my point? Sokka loves being interesting to girls, whereas Zuko and company do not enjoy it like he does xDD That's why I can't see him settling. Also, and that is only my opinion, I have criticized all the canon relationships for the way they were written, and the Sokka/Suki one is not safe of flaws and strange things. You see, Sokka seems to forget about Suki so easy it's even insulting (at least, if I were a shipper of that pairing I would be angry at the writers and Sokka himself LOL) and finds her in the prison (he was there to find his father, not her) like if she were a mushroom in the forest and he trips over her. That is really unnerving giving the fact that Azula! told him that his girlfriend was a prisoner of the Fire Nation. Azula did not say where she was (probably she was just bluffing to make him mad, and she might not even know if Suki was in a EK/FN prison, or the Boiling Rock) and Sokka seemed to conform with that little info. If I were him and knew my dearest one was a prisoner of the Fire Nation, I would have chased Azula down (and give us Sokklians another amazing scene LOL) and fight her untill she gives Suki's location. Given the fact of Azula's strength, I understand why he might not have confronted her again, but still, he does not seem troubled for what Azula told him (remember that this was before his father was made prisoner as well) and after all he is only worried about his father. He like, completely forgets about his girlfriend for 2 and a half seasons :/

That is why, among other things, I have trouble seeing Sokka not being a womanizer dandy xDD Of course, this characteristic would also apply to Azula when you write/plot something with them. It's part of him after all xD
maylene_autumn: Taang Funnymaylene_autumn on June 4th, 2011 02:52 am (UTC)
Heck yes Sokka's a womanizer. It's very surprising, and I kind of expected that kind of behavior from Zuko (at the beginning) but not Sokka. However, in real life, Sokka's personality is more attractive than Zuko's. I know a lot of people love emo guys, but hardly anyone dates them--they go for a guy like Sokka. I gotta love Atla for keeping that real. But man, four girls--and he was already sort of with Suki when he waved at Ty Lee and liked the idea that she was flirting with him. I see that as one of the problems they may have in the relationship. Azula probably wouldn't like it if someone had the upper hand in something, and Sokka does have an upper hand in romantic relationships--he's not innocent (LOL tent scene) while Azula is slightly naive when it comes to that.

Also, I can totally see Jealous!Azula. XD But all this would just make their relationship even more interesting because I see Sokka trying to help Azula through that, not enable a possessive personality by holding himself (okay maybe he'd hold himself, but not completely).

And yes, I agree with your tidbit about Sokka/Suki. While they probably ended up married, I can't see it. ALthough that could be because Suki and her Mary Sue-ness bothers me.

I was telling my friend that when Korra comes, it'd be hilarious if we found out that Sokka was widowed (poor guy, losing someone again) at an early age and ended up marrying Azula and lived a long and happy life with her. It'd be such a twist. And like we wouldn't find out until the very end of an episode, and beforehand it was hinted that he married Suki and had a kid with her (which would be true) but she dies and he finds love in Azula. Third time's the charm. LOL.

At the very least, it'd be hilarious if Sokka and Azula ended up friends--best friends who argue like crazy. XD