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Sokkla. Screwing with canon since 2005.
~*~Ode To Sokkla~*~

Though Yukka is dead, and Sukka is canon
Tokka's one-sided and Tykka's undecided
Sokkla's the ONLY ship, with Sokka on top
So make sure to ship it or else you'll all rot!

--written by kaibasgirl

Sokkla is Sokka on top kinky love


Welcome to the Avatar: The Last Airbender shipping-centered community based on the relationship between the Fire Princess Azula and the Water Tribe and all-around funny guy, Sokka. We are a pretty lenient community but to preserve some semblence of order around here we do have a few rules. Follow these and you're golden. ;)

1. This is a Sokka/Azula community. Please don’t post about how much you love Ty Lee/Sokka or Toph/Sokka. Please post ONLY things that have to do with Sokka & Azula.
2. Please respect the members and the maintainers of this community. That means no bashing or insulting; you will get a warning and the posts/comments will be deleted. You will be banned if this happens a second time.
3. Use an LJ-cut for posts containing more than three icons or for large images or fics. (This especially means for fics that are PG13+ or NC17+.)
4. You can post links to other sites, fanfiction, fanart, or anything like that as long as it relates to Sokka/Azula.
5. Remeber to TAG your posts! It helps the mods and other members be able to find things easily when they want to!
6. Have fun!
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